Wildlife photography – goslings, swans, coots!

These goslings are winning everyone’s hearts at the park! I photographed them last week with a Canon EOS 750D, which I’m learning to use. And I spotted some baby coots, too, trotting about after their parent. The goslings have the sweetest little wings! Adorable. I look forward to taking/posting more photos soon as I get … More Wildlife photography – goslings, swans, coots!

Befriending January

January takes some getting to know, especially if you live in Northern Europe. The eye can soon tire of bristly trees against mucky blankets of cloud. Some weeks, it can feel like one is living at the bottom of a mirky lake. So I decided to observe January and its nature more closely, to befriend … More Befriending January

Photographing joy!

This summer I photographed my partner relishing a brief seaside trip following his toughest ever months working for the ambulance service. I wanted to capture his seaside glee! He’s back to work now, but it was touching to see him wandering into the waves, free from stress, amid the most challenging times of his career. … More Photographing joy!