Photographing joy!

This summer I photographed my partner relishing a brief seaside trip following his toughest ever months working for the ambulance service. I wanted to capture his seaside glee! He’s back to work now, but it was touching to see him wandering into the waves, free from stress, amid the most challenging times of his career.

It has been a challenging year for everyone in different ways. All my friends and acquaintances have faced different struggles, from job insecurity to anxiety to loneliness. But there have been beautiful moments too… for my partner this trip to the sea brought him joy. This year I was grateful to stop rushing about and to spend more time in local nature. My street set up a Whatsapp group where we make sure we’re all OK. I channeled my uncertainty and anxiety into art and organised virtual pub quizzes for the neighbours on Zoom… There was, I now see, plenty of good stuff as well as anxiety.

Today the UK started another lockdown. This time I will be kinder to myself and remember I don’t have to achieve great things during a lockdown. (I never did learn how to bake bread or sew in the spring!)

My partner’s joy in this photo reminds me of all the good times one can find within the tough times. Sometimes it’s like panning for gold, but there’s always good stuff in there somewhere!

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