Capturing reflections in photos and art

Reflections are fun to photograph and can be a challenge to draw!

When photographing reflections, I often crouch down low to see if I can capture a more striking view. And once I’ve taken the picture, I often rotate it upside-down to put the reflections centre-stage.

In these photos, taken with my iPhone, my son treads on clouds after an evening surf in Wales and runs along a beach in the South West of the UK. My photos and drawings of trees and swans are from our local city park.

Look about and you can find wonderful reflections here and there. At the park this week I spotted the effects of lake water on an autumn tree, so I videoed it. I’m not sure if passers-by got why I was staring at the tree, but the dancing water reflections were beautiful to watch. Nature puts on great light shows!

So, keep an eye out for reflections – in films of water, in windows, in shiny spoons… ! I’d love to see your art and photos!

To follow me on Instagram, see @rebekahcurtisart.

To follow me on Instagram, see @rebekahcurtisart.

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