The EMT who draws

Alone at night in a remote ambulance station, some miles from the city where my son and I sleep, my partner gets his drawing book from his kitbag. He waits for control to contact him, but the only sound is the station shutters banging in the wind. Any minute now his radio will go off, … More The EMT who draws

Art versus anxiety

Art can take you anywhere… if you let it. Soaring mountains, castles in the sky, mossy woods. When I feel anxious, art takes me by the hand and I go on a creative journey. Sometimes that place is right in front of me – a cat on a sofa, clouds in the sky – and … More Art versus anxiety

Put art on the map!

Collaging with maps is like cloud-spotting. If you look long enough at contours and boundaries then shapes appear. When you put these shapes together a story takes form! I dug out some maps at the local charity shop and cut out London’s beloved Hampstead Heath. After a few seconds of staring at it I saw … More Put art on the map!

Drawing wintry woods

I used to find wintry trees bleak. I would count the weeks till spring’s first eruptions of green. Now I see how beautiful their bare structures are, reaching up to the sky like hands. Asking the sky for something, almost. Your pencil can have real freedom when throwing bare branches onto the paper – mimicking … More Drawing wintry woods

Dotty art

Stippling – drawing with dots – is fun. I draw with dots because it is relaxing, because it’s an interesting effect and because you can easily fix wrong turns. (A misplaced dot stands out less than a misplaced line!) I find it a particularly good way to draw close-ups of eyes. Below are some oaks … More Dotty art