Wildlife photography – goslings, swans, coots!

These goslings are winning everyone’s hearts at the park! I photographed them last week with a Canon EOS 750D, which I’m learning to use. And I spotted some baby coots, too, trotting about after their parent. The goslings have the sweetest little wings! Adorable. I look forward to taking/posting more photos soon as I get … More Wildlife photography – goslings, swans, coots!

Autumn brightens the city!

Bright leaves are just appearing, so I’ve dug out my autumn photos from last year. Autumn is wonderful. I love the bright colours, earthy smells, woolly jumpers, cosy evenings in… The best of this season is yet to come! Here is Bristol in all its autumn splendour! Enjoy! To follow me on Instagram, see @rebekahcurtisart.