Creative writing exercises – mountains

Today I invite you to write about mountains. These could be arid mountains, snowy peaks or luscious, tropical mountains – the choice is yours. Perhaps you climb mountains all the time, or maybe you have never seen one in person. Either way, these exercises I devised will get the imagination travelling!

We’ll have some fun by thinking outside the box, considering mountains from a distance then zooming in until we are really close up! You can try one exercise, or all three if you’re feeling powered up.

So, let’s get started!

Exercise 1. Create a piece of writing about climbing a mountain.

(It doesn’t matter whether this a long piece or a few lines – whatever you can manage.)

You might want to consider the following:

  • Why and how are you climbing it?
  • Think about the weather where you are and at the peak.
  • What does the ground look and feel like?
  • What can you hear or smell?
  • What challenges might lie in your way?
  • Is the mountain familiar or unknown?
  • And what might you find or see at the top?

Exercise 2. Imagine a conversation with a mountain. Write down the dialogue.

I said we’d think outside the box, so let’s get talking with a mountain! Now that you’ve arrived at the fictional peak, think about the character traits the mountain might have. Consider the following:

  • Do you think of their presence as female or male or neither? 
  • Parental or your equal?
  • Is this mountain forboding or comforting or both? 
  • Does it need you, or do you need the mountain?
  • What would you like to ask it? What do you think it would reply?
  • What might its voice sound like? 
  • Is the conversation funny or serious?

Exercise 3. You are the mountain!

Let’s zoom in again! For this exercise, you are a mountain. Write a letter, perhaps to another mountain or to a human being. Here are possible ideas to consider:

  • What is your greatest wish?
  • What can you see from your heights that no one else might have noticed?
  • What is your relationship with human beings?
  • What is your relationship with nature or the climate?
  • Do you know other nearby mountains?
  • What have you learned from your many (!) years as a mountain?
  • Is there something you would rather be?
  • Why are you writing this letter?

    I hope you had fun! If you tried all of these exercises, which piece of writing did you enjoy the most?

    (I painted this mountain for my brother who loves walking up mountains! To follow me on Instagram, visit @rebekahcurtisart.)

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