Creative writing – invent a dream office

Picture I took on a spring walk!

So you’ve got a pen or laptop and you’re ready to write. Now all you need is headspace and a writing prompt…

So, I often suggest people start by inventing their dream writing space. This is about getting inspired and finding time for you!

Are you ready? Let’s get imagining!

Design Your Dream Writing Place
For this exercise, all you have to do is describe your ideal creative place. You could even draw it, if that helps.
This is an imaginary place just for you – a dream office where you would go for creativity and solace.

Things you might consider:

  • Are you indoors or outside? High up or near the ground?
  • Think about what can you see. If there is a window, look out of it. 
  • Imagine what can you smell.
  • Consider what you might hear.
  • What are you sitting on? Is there a desk?
  • Is it night or day, dawn or dusk?
  • Might you prefer creative clutter or spaciousness?
  • Think about the weather and the geography.
  • Are you happy alone, or is a person or animal there with you?

Enjoy creating this place. Whatever your real writing space is like, this one is fictional, so you can alter it or daydream about it whenever you like!

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