50% off art prints, inspired by nature!

Hurrah! I’m launching a 50% discount at my new online art shop! I opened my shop this week just in time for Christmas, and send my own art and photography prints worldwide in eco-friendly packaging. (Click here to be redirected to the online shop.)

As I look back at the past year’s artwork, it reminds me what a huge theme nature has been for so many of us this year. In the absence of cafes or households, I’ve spent the past year documenting the outdoors more than ever. Quietly interesting things have sprung from the sameness of these days. The more time I spend outdoors, the more I notice when and how nature changes. (The heron, for example, who wades pompously in the river at a certain time of day.) These things would have passed me by usually!

At times I draw trees from life. Often I observe nature and come home to draw from memory or from the imagination. I have to try really hard to just observe nature, without stopping constantly to take photos of interesting light or trees or mist! But that is what I love to do. I love sharing the beautiful things I find in nature.

It’s been really exciting to launch my Etsy shop this week. Take a peek and it would be great if anyone wants to share the link to my shop with others.

Enjoy your day!


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