Peaceful mountains art print

It’s nearly Christmas and snow is on the mind! So here is my painting of mountains, which I stocked online in my new Etsy art prints shop this week.

I painted this snowy scene to conjure a peaceful place – a place to think. Or, to not think! I like to imagine that the character in my painting is feeling calm and mindful, pondering nature, enjoying the stars and the fresh smell of snow!

I used to love visiting mountains just over an hour from my home, and I look forward to returning there when it is safe to travel again. One clear night, on our way home, we stopped to look at the Milky Way. It was amazing to see that band of stars sprinkled across the sky – extraordinary to locate our place in this galaxy. Beautiful and mind-boggling!

For now, my attic is my quiet place. Sometimes the moon drifts past the skylights and the odd stars appear. After the day’s rush I love to sit up there drawing and painting imaginary worlds.

Click HERE for my Etsy online shop, which I launched this week. I send my professional art and photography prints worldwide, in carefully selected eco-friendly packaging.

Happy Christmas!


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