Making signs for the home

iPad oil painting over collage I made from issues of The New Yorker.

I keep meaning to make signs around the house reminding me to let go, to take a deep breath or to be kind to myself. So this week as I turned to collage for relaxation it felt like the perfect opportunity to make a sign.

I have piles of The New Yorker magazine which I can’t face letting go of – I love the images and cartoons. But knowing I’ll never reread them I let go (!), got the scissors out and selected any colours I loved for collage while also cutting out my favourite cartoons to keep.

I made the collage of a hand releasing cloth to the wind, then uploaded it into the iPad where I painted over it in ‘oil paint’ on the iPad Procreate app. I turned the cloth into a seabird being released. (I later discovered today was World Seabird Day, aptly!) The sky, open seascape, wind, window and bird all made me think of letting go.

Collage made from old issues of The New Yorker.

The cloud was made from images of snow/ice, which I found pleasing to convert into cloud.

Now all I have to do is put it on the wall so I can remember to let go of those daily unhelpful thoughts and habits.

Collage is super relaxing – playing with colours, textures and shapes. Writer and artist Austin Kleon in Austin, Texas, posts wonderful collages that recently reminded me of the value of this type of art. It’s enjoyable sifting through materials, making connections and exploring.

Now I look forward to making more signs about other helpful, supportive ideas! It’s good to have these reminders. Though it needn’t be collage. It could be calligraphy, or images without words.

But I’ll also just collage for fun, because it’s just that. Relaxing fun. 🙂

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