Art from recycled materials

You can make art while reducing the impact on the environment and your wallet!

I made the collage below from bits and bobs I found in a charity shop, plus some scraps of paper and my partner’s old denim jeans. Discarded denim instead of paper, for example, creates great seascapes and skies. You can draw on it, collage with it and scrunch it up for textured effects:



Charity shops are a huge part of UK culture – your purchases reduce waste, save cash and fund good causes. Here’s what I found when I perused the rails and scrap bin of our local charity shop:



Here’s Rufus, whose idea of help is sitting on, and pouncing on, art materials:



Below is a collage of a painting of mine and a drawing mine that I cut up (cutting out the rubbish bits!), on top of the denim-shirt sea:


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