Restart the art

“I can’t draw,” people say all the time. But art is also a form of playing – a process to enjoy regardless of whether the result ends up on a fridge, a gallery wall or in the recycling.

Art would spill onto our pages if we moved past self-criticism. So recently, when self-judgement hindered my art, I changed my motivations: I started drawing to relax and to ease anxieties. And as soon as I changed my motivations I found it hard to stop drawing!

Art became fun again. I tried trying materials, colours and shades. I started to ‘play’ with art, and the more I played the more I enjoyed it. (And the more I enjoyed it the better my pictures turned out!)

I went back to basics, practising lines and shading marks on a page. Then one autumn day I sat by the river and used lines to draw trees leaning over the water. For the first time in ages I loved the process of drawing. I had restarted my art! This is a blog about all the discoveries I have made, and am still making, since… 





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